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Hotel Marconi
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 186
35020 Roncaglia di Ponte San Nicolò, Padova – Italy

COORDINATE GPS: +45° 22′ 25.22″, +11° 54′ 48.24″
FOR NAVIGATOR: We suggest to insert Via Piovese, 450 – Padova 

BY CAR: Padova est or interport exit or Padova sud Tangenziale- exit n. 12. Follow indications for Piove di Sacco

FROM THE STATION: Bus n. 5 towards Ponte San Nicolò. Bus n. 16 at 200m from the station – towards Ponte San Nicolò.


Historic centre of Padua: 3,5 km Padua Railway Station: 4 km Padua Fair: 4 km
Padua Hospital: 4km Venice Airport: 30 km Vicenza: 25 km
Bologna 100 km Colli Euganei: 10 km  Verona: 82 km
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