Venetian Villas and the Brenta Riviera

Venetian Villas and the Brenta Riviera

If you want to experience a special day, don’t miss the trip on the famous Burchiello exploring the Brenta Riviera (UNESCO heritage site) from Padua to Venice with stops at the famous Venetian Villas.  

A relaxing day cruise through several locks and sailing like Venetian nobles across the Brenta river surrounded by extraordinary architectural treasures.  

An enchanting experience…surrounded by art, history and culture in one of the most beautiful and fascinating landscapes in the world.  

Along the route, there will be a number of stops to visit the most important Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera together with guides, including:  

Foscari Villa in Malcontenta, known as “La Malcontenta” (The Malcontent), is a Venetian villa designed by Andrea Palladio in 1559. With its majestic character, this villa has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.  

Widmann Villa in Mira. The Dominical House has 3 floors entirely furnished with period furniture, Murano glass chandeliers and brocaded curtains.  

Pisani Villa in Stra, one of the most famous examples of Venetian Villa, overlooks the Brenta Waterways with a surface area of approximately 15,000 square meters. It is now home to a national museum housing art works from the 18th to the 19th centuries.  

Padua also offers other tours to visit the Venetian Villas. For bike lovers, there are tours on bike paths with an expert guide who will take you along the Brenta Riviera, pedaling immersed in nature, history and art, admiring the Venetian Villas.  

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