The Euganean Hills

The Euganean Hills

With their extraordinary scenic charm, the Euganean Hills lie in the heart of the Po Valley.  

Their conical volumes are the result of volcanic activities dating back more than 40 million years.  

Not only nature, but also characteristic historical villages to visit and where you can taste the delicious traditional cuisine, typical of these places. They are also known for their excellent food and wine, fine wines and culinary specialities that can be enjoyed in the numerous trattorias, wine cellars and farm businesses of these areas.  

It is also of international appeal thanks to its spa centre where you can spend a relaxing day.  

The Euganean Hills offer numerous itineraries that can be  travelled by bike, on foot or reached by car, where you can spend a pleasant day immersed in nature and history. These routes include numerous Churches, Abbeys, Villas, Castles, Gardens, archeological sites and Monuments.   

Among these, Praglia Abbey, in the municipality of Teolo, is the most important monastery in the Euganean Hills, and is also home to a National Monumental Library and a laboratory for the restoration of ancient books and ancient codes. Today, an ancient Benedictine monastery, is considered the most evocative place of spirituality in the Euganean Hills area. Praglia Abbey is still inhabited by Benedictine monks and is a destination for constant religious tourism.  

It is also an ideal destination for sports enthusiasts to enjoy trekking, cycling, climbing and golf in a unique environment.   

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